BusSched icon BusSched for Palm OS/Pocket PC/Windows

by Damien Carbery (daymobrew at users.sourceforge.net)
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BusSched is a utility for Palm OS based PDAs. It is designed to display Dublin Bus bus schedules.

These 'screenshots', are from the Palm OS Simulator which runs on a Windows desktop.
The pink and yellow colours in the images are from the Simulator, not my code.


This is the app icon. BusSched icon
This is for route 37. The app knows the
date and time and displays buses
leaving after that time.
The preferences store the selected route
and direction and will show future
buses for the current date/time.

To see the Hawkins St -> Carpenterstown
times simply press the 'Reverse' button.

'Info' displays any additional info about
the route - screenshot below.

The time is formatted according to
the user's system settings i.e. 24/12 hr format.

The information button in the top
right of the app provides some help.

Route displayed
If there is no service you will be informed
of this.
No Service
The 76A route shows annotations. Annotations
Here the annotations are explained. Info
Each database contains multiple routes
and here you can see the drop down list
being used to select a route.
Select route
Of course you can also select a different day. Select day
If you have multiple databases you can
change which one you are viewing.
The asterix indicates the active timetable.
Clicking the 'Info' button displays
timetable details.
Select database
Information about the selected timetable. Database info
In the Preferences dialog you specify
how many minutes your stop is from
the terminus.
The buses listed will begin with
those leaving after the specified
number of minutes ago.


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