TrainSched is an application for displaying train timetables. It is available for Palm, Pocket PC and Windows.
The advantage of TrainSched over a PDF file or a printed timetable is that you select the start and end stations and get a list of trains serving those two stations. Information about other trains is not shown and so it doesn't clutter your screen.

The versions below are enhanced versions of the original TrainSched. They display annotations like 'MO' (Monday Only) etc. The TrainSched databases listed below all make use of this annotation column.

Download TrainSched for Palm

From version 0.4.8 on, the Palm OS version supports the use of an external database to override the English abbreviations in the Palm version. This allows for translation of the abbreviations or customisation for use with other transport company timetables. Most users will not need this.
Download for further information and an example database.

Download TrainSched for Pocket PC

Download TrainSched for Windows

All these versions of TrainSched include the annotation enhancement with 3 columns of information.
All of the databases below are in the new '3 column' format that display Irish Rail annotations e.g. 'MO', 'FX' etc.

Download TrainSched timetable databases

Below are timetable databases for some Irish Rail commuter lines.
These databases are for use with TrainSched. Contact me (daymobrew at if you require other lines.

TrainSched Source Code

TrainSched source code is released under GNU General Public License (GPL).
As the original code was released under GPL, and the enhancements make use of the original code, the source code for enhancements are made available under the same license.

The original author is looking into incorporating the annotation enhancement into the original version.